Ultimate Brow Fill


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Ultimate Brow Fill

Create the World’s Best Brows with its smooth powder-texture and soft sponge applicator.  Our Brow Fill is easy to apply, and is smudgeproof and worry-free.  For those who want a powder, but none of the hassle, this “all in one” product is for you.

Christopher’s Tip: Tap the entier package on the counter before using the wand.  Place the applicator in the middle of the brow and draw from the outside then work your way in to the fuller part of the brow.
Use a light hand, since this product is highly pigmented.


  • developed precisely for the brow line
  • smooth textured powder
  • easy to blend
  • natural look
  • smudge free and lasts all day
  • dermatologically and opthalmologically tested

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