About CD Beauty Cosmetics by Christopher Drummond

CD Beauty Cosmetics by Christopher Drummond
Christopher Drummond is the CEO and founder of CD Brows and CD Beauty Cosmetics.  He  has been in the Beauty industry for over 20 years, and has worked as a professional makeup artist (working with celebrities such as JLO, Halle Berry, Brooke Shields, Kerry Washington, Jane Fonda and Glenn Close).  He has also been a Licensed Medical Esthetician for the past 13 years in Miami, FL.  He is also a YouTube Guru with over 1 million views on his site, CDBeauty Lab.
Christopher Drummond is a celebrity makeup artist, licensed medical esthetician, and master microblading artist.  Christopher is one of the first practitioners of microblading in the United States.  He is based out of New York, and works out of the office of acclaimed dermatologist Paul Jarrod Frank, at the PFrankMD Skin Salon in the Upper East Side of New York.
While working on his microblading clients, he noticed one common issue: his clients had treated their brows with little to no care.  While they took obsessive care of their skin by using serums and moisturizers, they did nothing but abuse their eyebrows.  This is why he created Superfruit Brow Serum—to help his clients’ brows to heal, nourish  and grow.
Christopher’s  motto is “you can’t treat your brows the same as the skin on your face”. Eyebrows need more than just hydrating oils. That is why Christopher created his unique SUPERFRUIT BROW SERUM.  
Christopher Drummond has been in the beauty for over 20 years; however his passion for eyebrows began five years ago, when he became the first person in Miami (and one of the first in the US) to learn the art of Microblading.  Since then, he has perfected the craft of nanoblading, nanostroking, semi-permanent makeup (eyeliner enhancement, lips), and is now a certified microblading instructor throughout the United States.
To find out more about Christopher's Brow2 Microblading Academy, please click on this LINK, to find out about pricing, and services offered.